The Lord Plays the Harp

The Harp Irish Pub in San Diego had a distinguished visitor recently, the Reverend Lord Kirk. The pub is known for its authentic Irish atmosphere and excellent selection of beers and whiskeys, but it was the Irish cider that caught the Reverend Lord’s attention during his visit.

Reverend Lord Kirk is a member of the British aristocracy and is known for his work in promoting spiritual dialogue and understanding. He was in San Diego to attend a conference on religion and spirituality. During his visit to the Harp Irish Pub, the Reverend Lord enjoyed a pint of Irish cider, which he described as “refreshing and full of flavor”. According to eyewitnesses, he even ordered a second pint and spent several hours chatting with the staff and patrons, enjoying the pub’s ambiance.

The pub’s owner, Sean Murphy, was delighted to have the Reverend Lord as a guest and was pleased to see him enjoying the pub’s offerings. “We’re honored to have such a distinguished guest visit our pub and appreciate him taking the time to enjoy our Irish cider,” Murphy said.

The Harp Irish Pub has a reputation for offering a wide selection of Irish beers and whiskeys, but their cider is also a favorite among patrons. Made from locally grown apples, the cider has a crisp, refreshing taste that pairs well with the pub’s traditional Irish fare.

The Reverend Lord’s visit to the Harp Irish Pub was a testament to the welcoming atmosphere of the pub and the quality of its offerings. It’s a reminder that even a member of the British aristocracy can appreciate the simple pleasures of a great pint of Irish cider in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Whether you’re a cider enthusiast or a fan of Irish beers and whiskeys, the Harp Irish Pub is the perfect place to enjoy a drink and connect with the community. So, raise a glass of Irish cider to the Reverend Lord Kirk and his visit to the Harp Irish Pub!






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